St Timothy St Paul

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History of St Paul's Anglican Church

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180 Sandy Cove Road
Terence Bay, NS

The Congregation of St Paul's Church in beautiful Terence Bay, in the county of Halifax, has existed for over 150 years. The first church building was erected on August 10, 1853 in a time of intense poverty and hardship. Our first clergyman was the Reverend James C Cochran. His care for us and for the difficulties of our fishing community caused him to raise his voice to seek support for us from outside our Parish.

In the late 1860's the Reverend William Ancient came to us. He had been ordained Deacon in 1867 and a Priest in 1872. Reverend Ancient was also committed to the development of a prosperous and healthy community. In 1873, he became a hero. On 1 April of that year at about 02h30 in the morning, the steamship SS Atlantic ran into the rocks off Mar's Head. This ship carried over 900 people and 562 of them lost their lives. Many of the rescued owed their lives to Reverend Ancient as he risked his life to save them. Many of the bodies that were recovered are buried in St Paul's Cemetery. A monument was erected in their memory in 1906 and unveiled by the Reverend who was able to return to the Parish for this occasion. Click here to see photos from our annual memorial service.

In 1909, the Reverend AF Dentin came to serve the Parish from Spryfield. He brought medical care to the village. Although there is no records to confirm it, many people believe he might have been a doctor at one time.

April 1, 1942, a bolt of lightening struck the spire of the church and burned it to the ground. Services were held in the Minister's house near the church until the new building, our present one, was completed. Canada was at war at this time and building materials were scarce. The community pulled together and the new church was completed and dedicated on November 17, 1943.

Our first ecumenical service of the Blessing of the Boats was instituted by the Reverend Patrick Bright upon the completion of the restoration of the Monument to the shipwreck SS Atlantic. This service has been held annually on the last Sunday in July ever since.

On January 15th, 1982, we almalgamated the Parish of St Timothy, in Hatchet Lake, with the Parish of St Paul, in Terence Bay.. 

In 1984, our first woman clergy came to us as a Deacon, The Reverend Susan Moxley. After a few months, Reverend Sue and her family were able to move into the new rectory in Hatchet Lake. By the time, Reverend Sue moved from the Parish in 1997; she was an Archdeacon of the diocese.

Another restoration, an improvement project for the older part of our graveyard began again in January 1998 under the direction the subsequent Rector, the Reverend Glenn Eason. Our story is not over. Every year new and exciting things happen. Reverend Glenn moved in 2003.

In 2003, the Reverend Pastor Lisa Vaughn came to us. Under her leadership, the Parish continued to grow both spiritually and in size.

We celebrated our Silver Anniversary on February 12th, 2007.


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