St Timothy St Paul

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History of St Timothy's Anglican Church

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2320 Prospect Road
Hatchet Lake, NS


In the late 1950's a group of Anglicans began to meet and worship together. Their meeting place was the local Elementary School. The worship was lead by the clergy and Lay Readers of St Philip's Church, Halifax. It was determined that a church of their own was needed. The present St Timothy's Church was built in 1961 as part of the St Philip's Parish. The Reverend Tom Kerr arrived as in 1967 a Deacon in the new Parish serving Hatchet Lake, Terence Bay, Timberlea and Lakeside. In September of 1967 Reverend Tom was ordained a Priest in St Timothy's Church. He moved in 1968.


Click here for a list of Clergy who served at St Timothy's Anglican Church.


Reverend Tom was followed by Reverend DM Darwin from England. He stayed until March 1970. Later in 1970, Archdeacon A. Stanley Hart arrived. He was a warm hearted but stern looking person. He had served in the British Navy before becoming a clergyman.


Archdeacon Hart brought with him a large trailer to live in and parked it beside St Timothy's Church. From it he continued to serve the four-point Parish. Archdeacon Hart retired for a second time in 1974.

The Reverend David Boston, young and energetic, took up the position. Father Boston was known for his wit and his fast driving. The Parish continued to grow.


In 1981 Father Boston moved and the Parish was split leaving the Churches of St Timothy's and St Paul's on their own. Deacon Patrick Bright, a former student of Father Boston in this Parish, arrived. Later in 1981 Reverend Patrick was ordained a Priest. He remained with the new Parish until 1984.

On January 15th, 1982, we almalgamated the Parish of St Timothy, in Hatchet Lake, with the Parish of St Paul, in Terence Bay.

Deacon Susan Moxley arrived with her family in July of 1984. Our first woman Rector. A few months after her arrival the new rectory was completed. Reverend Sue's talents in music and organisation helped the Parish to grow and remain relevant to our modern time. In her last few years with us, Reverend Sue served as an Archdeacon of the Diocese. She moved in 1997.


In October of 1997, the Reverend Glenn Eason and his family came to us. He was born and educated in Montreal, Quebec. The family had served in Springhill since they moved from Quebec in 1991. Reverend Glenn loved to laugh and to work with people to get things done. Reverend Glenn moved in 2003.


In 2003 the Reverend Pastor Lisa Vaughn came to us. Under her leadership the Parish continued to grow both spiritually and in size.

We celebrated our Silver Anniversary on February 12th, 2007.


Follow this link to view the history of St Paul's Anglican Church, Terence Bay.

Parish Spotlight!

Vocational Process for Sheri Gallivan

UPDATE!  Vocational Process for Sheri Gallivan
Sheri Gallivan is discerning a call to be an Associate Priest in our Parish. This week she was declared officially as a “postulant”. A postulant is a person who has been accepted by the bishop as a candidate for ordination, and is in the process of being trained. On June 14th Rev. Bert Chestnut,
the coordinator, spoke about this prayerful process for Sheri and our congregations (see Parish website for the sermon audio link Over the next while Sheri will continue her studies at Atlantic  School of Theology and move forward in her discernment. Congratulations to Sheri and her family!